How to Transcend into a Better Gamer


Video games are the catholicon to refine dexterity, flexibility, and critical thinking. Gaming has revolutionized from the antediluvian days of Pong to the contemporary eSports era. This has engendered a novel fad for magnificent video game competitions across the globe for a colossal tournament prize pool.

Therefore, the most germane question that unsettles every gamer – how to eclipse into a seasoned gamer? The answer is to strategize a fortified game plan that will let you live your reverie of a pro gamer.

Discover Your Motivation

Similar to every element in your life, there ought to be a pivotal force in your penchant for venturing into this exploit. There are myriad valid reasons right from your enthusiasm for competition, the gratification of evolving into a player, and a unified sense of contribution as a team player.

Unfurl the factor that stimulates you, simply because it is these positive enforcements that enable players to be engaged. However, the other enticing stimulants like money and fame are temporal. The sole thing that will remain ignited in your heart is your real penchant for the game – the right stimulation that will succour your growth into a pro.

The Choice of Game

The Choice of Game

The selection of your game should be a calibrated one. When it comes to the choice there, exist two significant schools of thought: one that believes in exploring the avant-garde games and the other that seeks solace in well-established games.

The benefit of choosing a well-established game is that there are ample resources. For instance, LoL, Dota 2, CSGO all of these have a loyal enthusiast, along with sponsored tournaments that offer cosmic prize money. The flip side is that for newcomers, it might seem a daunting task.

Be a Part of the Community

Being part of the milieu of the game is as essential as individual agility. Therefore, instead of spending hours understanding the comprehensive nuances of a game, it is crucial to be involved with forums. Ensure that your venture closely follows your personal objectives.

In this journey, you have the support of numerous others, so just ensure you cherish their company. A plethora of information is made available on forums and YouTube channels. Community is a forceful stimulation that can keep you bound to your long-term objective.

Ensure a Good Practice Session

If you want to capture the winning streak, you need to invest hours in practice. For which you ought to master the mechanics. Learn game-specific skills until it is fortified. With perseverance, consistently practice mechanics remains sharp; for novices, longer hours of practice till it is perfected is a prerequisite.

Do comprehensive research on the overarching strategy from the situational strategy. Also, prudently watch seasoned players and ensure you learn from their tactics. It is also crucial to break down your style and educate yourself on your mistakes.


How to Transcend into a Better Gamer

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